Blue Lira Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality Poster! 

It's a two mile trek into the forest to reach this isolated beach along the mighty Saint Lawrence River. I was a teenager during this particular visit and have not been their since. I thought a large fish, maybe a sturgeon or carp was splashing towards me in the water. I stared a long time and my brain could not figure out what or who I was looking at swimming towards me.

Then the being stood up in the shallow water in front of me and we locked eyes. I had never seen anything like this ever in my life. Long blue shiny hair hung from her head and her dark bluish black skin sparkled as she kept moving towards me.

I backed away while keeping my eyes locked to the being and made my way out of the water and onto the sandy beach.  It seemed like time slowed down as we kept our eyes locked and slowly moved up the beach. 

Eventually we both sat down on the sand and figured out how to communicate.

Her name is Blue Lira and she lives in the ocean where humans are not able to reach or detect. 

She has many stories and messages to share about the Ocean and how GrandMother Moon requested she find Onkwehonwe that practice Ancient Intelligence to communicate with.

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